Having over 55 year’s experience in taxation / accounts & corporate field duly authorized by Federal Board Of Revenue, Pakistan.

Working with Us offers numerous benefits, including expert tax knowledge, minimized tax liability, time and resource savings, personalized solutions, reduced risk of errors and audits, proactive tax planning, and reliable support. We are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the tax landscape while maximizing your financial well-being.


(Karachi, Pakistan)

The company in Karachi, Pakistan is engaged in the profession of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Corporate Consultancy as well as civil & other laws / providing outsourced accounting / book keeping and other allied services from 55 years.


(Dubai, UAE)

Apart from setup in Karachi, Pakistan we have established above company in Dubai, UAE, trade license is duly issued by UAE Government as well as we are also registered with Dubai Chamber Of Commerce.

The company in Dubai will be providing services of VAT & Corporate consultancy as well as outsourced accounting / book keeping services as per requirement of UAE customers and filing of VAT and Corporate Returns as envisaged by UAE Government.


Professional Experiences

Accounting / book keeping services / preparation and submission of Sales Tax Return / withholding statements and advisory service are offered on monthly retainer ship basis which includes consultation / advise to handle day to day business problems / tax situation and planning.

Core Values

Providing services in the field of taxation to more than 500 clients of different nature of business as well timely tax planning as and when any change takes place.