Services in Dubai, UAE


(Dubai, UAE)

Apart from setup in Karachi, Pakistan we have established above company in Dubai, UAE, trade license is duly issued by UAE Government as well as we are also registered with Dubai Chamber Of Commerce.

The company in Dubai will be providing services of VAT & Corporate consultancy as well as outsourced accounting / book keeping services as per requirement of UAE customers and filing of VAT and Corporate Returns as envisaged by UAE Government.

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Trade Liscence &VISA Facilitation

Save time and money by outsourcing the work to professionals who have the expertise and experience in handling the trade license and visa application process.

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Softwares And IT Services

We have implemented diversified systems, from complete ERP solutions to IoT & automation products. We believe in optimizing the existing processes to enhance the productivity of the business.

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Accounting and Book Keeping Services

Preparation of books of accounts as required, prescribed by the Income Tax as well as Sales Tax Laws by providing our in house accounting facilities to our clients as per their requirements.

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Corporate Tax Services

Preparation / submission of monthly / annual returns, statements, annex’s for Income Tax as well as Sales Tax.

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Financial Advisory

Incorporation of private and public limited companies, secretarial work and other corporate matters related with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

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Our Associates, MAX Consultancy

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